About US

Company headquarters is located in Sindian City Taipei County. Company formerly known as the Republic 76 founded MUI Kee Corporation Limited (MAY JIE CO., LTD.). Principal project for manufacturing coils, transformers, power supply, computer heat sinks, heatsinks, cooling fans, GPS, energy saving LED lighting, energy-saving products such as vehicle fuel, and set up factories in mainland China Dongguan, Huizhou, qingxi town, Dongguan, investing Rong Quan technology co., Ltd. The cooling fan of monthly production has now reached 3 million units per month.


Based on the Earth's energy crisis as well as the impact of global warming, climate change, energy-saving minus carbon issues and should not be ignored, while companies in recent years stepped up investment in LED, energy-saving products.

Jiuda MUI Kee company limited, formerly known as 76 founded the Republic of China (c O MAY JIE co., LTD.), originally a OEM&ODM manufacturer, currently OEM&ODM manufacturing remains the company's important business.


R & D and innovation capability

The company has strong R & D and innovation capability, equipped with high-quality R & D team and sophisticated test equipment. And innovation to build a good full ring to stimulate innovation. We have accumulated over a decade, with major global brand clients the experience and technology, is able to acquire the product design R & D, manufacturing all the professional knowledge, to reduce product development in the wrong to try to effectively shorten the product development time and increase product performance.


Core values and advantages of

A competitive price

A wide range of design, multi-base production base, a flexible cost-saving practices

Trustworthy quality and real-time cross-End mission


Business philoso

The faith "to continue to improve operation of the technology to create brand, to the quality of expanding their markets, to serve to win the goodwill" of the business philosophy to provide customers with the best solution.


The next ten years

Provide us with more innovative products to help consumers in the digital world to work more effectively, entertainment and communication. The future will be service-oriented, and technology, the quality will be key to the development of the market brands.